A Valentine’s Day Adieu

On Friday I sold my house and moved away from Aberdovey, and have now moved into my new house, located not far from Chester.  It was truly sad to say goodbye to Aberdovey.  There are people I will miss very much, and the local scenery is always going to be difficult to beat.  However, spring is around the corner and I have a big new garden to play with, an outdoor pizza oven to get to grips with, a lot of decorating to do, plus an impressive number of lovely looking walks, not to mention a serious set of Iron Age hillforts to explore in this part of northeast Wales and west Cheshire.  There’s lots to keep me busy.

Thanks very much for visiting Aberdovey Londoner, and particularly to those of you who have signed up to receive automatic notifications when I post something.  Thanks too for the many email conversations about the area’s past and about many of the walks I have described.  It has been super fun chatting with you.

I’ll leave the blog up and running as an archive, and will certainly add odds and ends to it from time to time, particularly as I intend to be a regular visitor to Aberdovey when lockdown comes to a proper end.  I still haven’t finished my Aberdovey/Tywyn hillfort series, and there are many more walks to explore, as well as the beach and dunes to revisit.  In the meantime, take care and thanks very much for keeping me company.

My new blog, investigating the area to which I have moved, is at www.basedinchurton.co.uk

My best wishes to everyone, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

10 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Day Adieu

  1. Jean Martin

    Sorry to hear that, although it seems it is the right thing for you.
    I bought a house in Aberdovey in September 2018 and had hoped to meet you at some point after this lockdown ends as I only discovered your blog just as lockdown came into force.
    I’ve enjoyed the vicarious walks and your photos very much.


  2. martinsugarman

    Sad news and wish you well.It was supportive speaking with you over the Aberdovey memorial to the Jewish Commandos which so tragically and deliberately fails to name them as Jewish soldiers , thereby hiding their true identity. But we will always remember them as such and my online story of their fighting spirit remains for all to see as ‘No 3 Jewish Trioop , 10 Commando’ – anyone can google. We have also left Star of David British Legion pegs at the memorial and hope local people will always leave them in permanent place . In addition the local Welsh History web site carries their true story and their true ID is remembered by the University of Wales records at Aberstwyth. Diochan Fawr Aberdovey Londoner

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    1. Diana Osborne

      Best of luck in your new home Andie. Will miss your blogs but thank you so much for introducing me to so much around Aberdovey.


  3. Debbie

    So sorry that you have left us – I was hoping to meet you personally once all this madness is over. I have very much enjoyed reading your blogs and looking at your lovely phot’o’s thank you and I hope you will be very happy in your new home. Debbie x


  4. John Callaghan

    Best of luck in your new home, we will all miss your posts here in Birmingham and look forward to anything you can add in the future. Perhaps, if you have the energy, we may see another local history blog from you for the Chester area!


  5. sierdjantuinstra

    Well, I didn’t see that coming. I must have missed something, but why the move? I hope everything works out for you, and I do hope you’ll find the time to finish the hillfort series.
    Kind regards, Sierd Jan.


  6. Nigel whiten

    Sad news for us poor onlookers but good news for yourself.
    Many thanks for the blog to date, very interesting & informative for my future discoveries now that I’ve bought a chalet in the area.
    Nigel & Sue


  7. Barbara Anglezarke

    Thanks so much for your blog – have only recently found it so very sorry that it’s coming to an end – all editions were interesting. All good wishes to you in your new home.



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