4 thoughts on “Board walks

  1. Lisa French

    I really enjoy following your blog of Aberdovey and the surrounding area – we are just renovating a house in the middle of Penhelig Terrace for our retirement in a few years time and we have some holiday lets dotted around the village. Your Twiddly Bits featured two of them in Evans Terrace we own the blue and white one with the Edward Price plaque and the one next door. I would like to do a little treasure hunt using your pictures if you wouldn’t mind to include in our guests welcome pack with a prize if they complete them all. Will you be publishing the answers soon I was hoping to include it in the half term packs?
    If you could let me know I would be really grateful.
    Many Thanks


    1. Andie Post author

      You are the second person to ask for the key to the pictures, so I guess I am going to have to write one! Daft as it sounds, it didn’t occur to me to do one. I am only hoping that I remember where they all were :-). When is half term? I’ll try to get it over to you by then.



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