I wondered when I first moved here that as a foodie my cooking, which depends to a great extent on exotic ingredients, was going to be somewhat curtailed.  Fortunately, Aberdovey and Tywyn complement one another other perfectly with their shops, restaurants and take-aways. I admit to supplementing my purchases with more exotic odds and ends and winter fish from my visits to Chester, but the truth is that by using Aberdovey and Tywyn in tandem, I have been able to eat seriously well.

It has been a paradigm shift, a different attitude to cooking  in order to take advantage of local resources, many of which are highly seasonal.  This includes accepting that I usually have to stop in both Aberdovey and Tywyn at several shops in a single expedition to get what I need, and it also means dealing with the challenges of a much smaller fridge and freezer than the ones I left in London, as well as a fraction of the storage space.  After some minor disasters, the outcome is a new way of shopping, cooking and making the very best of local ingredients to produce both old favourites and fun new dishes.

I am impressed with how many options are available for eating out in Aberdovey and Tywyn, and it is great to see the emphasis that some of the local pubs and restaurants place on local (or at least Welsh) ingredients.

Here are some of my posts about cooking and eating in and around Aberdovey:


Eating well from what’s to hand during lockdown, just for fun

Just for fun, a series of posts talking about shopping and eating for 12 weeks during lockdown, from the end of March to the end of June, with daily menus described.