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Silver Hydrangea

The hydrangea is beginning to go over.  It thrives here in Aberdovey, a marvellous phenomenon, great bushes of it.  I have several.  Two dead heads looked at me in a particularly inviting way so I chopped them off and brought them indoors for a few days to dry out.  My mother always used to spray-paint teasels gold at Christmas but although I’m not particularly creative, which she was in abundance, these screamed out for some spray paint.  A few days later they had fully dried out, and silver spray paint had been acquired, so I laid lots of newspaper on the decking, got out my canister and went for it.  The result is remarkable.  I would stop well short of calling the effect attractive, but there is something about them that’s rather a lot of fun.  I have no idea what I am going to do with them!