The genuine wonders of plant feed – spectacular growth between 1st and 19th August 2018

Spring onions / chives

Just for fun, this is the difference between my mint and my spring onions just over two weeks apart is extraordinary.  On the 1st August I used Miracle-Gro plant feed (irritating name, brilliant product) on my tiny collection of herbs on the decking, and it has really given a massive hit of energy to my pot plants, seen here on the 19th August.

The mint had suffered awfully when I was unable to get away from London during the move, and was ragged.  Water and Miracle-Gro combined to revolutionize it!  When I first arrived I had bought some spring onions.  When the white roots survive if you stick them in water for a few days they start growing, and can be transferred to a pot to grow what look and taste like massive chives.  Again, they were sad little things when I went away, but on my return they are substantial!  Bent due to wind and rain, but perfectly usable.


I am rather missing all the flowers in my London garden.  Although the raised decking is in full sunshine, my garden here is largely in shade, so although I am about to engage in a major project to cut down a lot of the overgrown trees, the decking will probably remain the best place to bring on herbs and I have some stored at my father’s house to bring over in the next few weeks.   Funny to be working with such small pots – my London ones are great tall things, which retain water beautifully.  These will have to be upgrades as soon as I get my act together.


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