Walk: Autumn scenery around Tal y LLyn and Castell-y-Bere on a perfect sunny day

My visit to Castell-y-Bere on Monday, via a very short detour to Tal-y-Llyn, was a perfect cocktail of lovely sun-kissed scenery, well maintained heritage and a clump of fascinating education all in one visit.  What’s not to love?  If you wake up to a glorious autumnal day like this one, why not consider sorting out all your bits and pieces in the morning and then hop into the car and go to Castell-y-Bere for an hour or two.  It’s the perfect excuse for a tiny holiday-like experience.

I have written up the castle itself and its history on another post, here, but here are some photographs of the surrounding scenery. With the sun reflecting off fast-moving streams, filtering through the reds, oranges and yellows of autumn leaves and lighting up the stunningly bright greens of the grass, and the rust-coloured foliage on the hillsides it was just about the most idyllic day I have had at Aberdovey so far.  I spent most of last week in London.  It was super to visit my former home, but the contrast was unbelievable.  The feeling today of being let loose on life was exceptional.

Desert boots turn out to be surprisingly well suited to Welsh footpaths. My other hiking boots have not yet emerged from the packing boxes, but these did fine.


2 thoughts on “Walk: Autumn scenery around Tal y LLyn and Castell-y-Bere on a perfect sunny day

  1. Andie Post author

    I drove to Abergynolwyn and took the turn in the middle of the village. On the way back I had intended take a different route, but went wrong. From Castell-y-Bere I followed the little road that should have taken me to Bryncrug but at a fork in the road with no sign I took the bigger option and ended up in Abertrinant, which dropped me back on the Tal-y-Llyn to Bryncrug road. A beautiful single track drive, although with quite a lot of reversing to do. A super day for it.



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