Two new visitors to the garden

Last week I noticed a splash of colour in motion out of the corner of my eye, a dash of dusky red on the bird feeder in the cherry tree.  It turned out to be a male chaffinch.  In spite of trying to attract them with a special feeder stuffed with nyger seeds, it is the blue tits who have used that feeder, and the chaffinch was on the all-purpose feeder.  He have visited a couple of times since, but unlike the blue tits, which form a semi-permanent cloud of activity, he’s only an occasional visitor to the tree, although he may well be hoovering up fallen seeds on the floor, which the pheasants and the doves also eat.  The tits, particularly the great tits and coal tits, are really messy eaters, and throw seeds everywhere, so there is always plenty on the ground.


Another new visitor is a female blackbird.  She hops around the decking, and when the tits are on the decking at the same time, as shown in this video below, she looks absolutely huge!   She is a very occasional visitor, but when she arrives she is like a cat amongst pigeons. The blue tits are completely put out by her presence and don’t quite know what to do about her.  The robin puts in a brief appearance, but takes off as usual when the blue tits arrive in force.  The video was taken through the glass of the window, so it’s a tad murky, but still fun.

1 thought on “Two new visitors to the garden

  1. WGB

    From: Housebird Central
    To: Aberdovey Chapter Members
    Some of you may have noticed that the provision of nutrition in the vicinity of Balkan Hill has improved substantially in recent weeks. Like many Members, I have been attempting to earn a modest livinr from this Designated Sector for some considerable time, and have had much to complain about. Live insects,local seeds and garden worms have their supporters,of course , but the supply is unreliable and thier cmposition falls short of RSPB recommended content, in a number of essential oils, vegetable proteins and some of the less common vitamins. It has proved virtually impossible to achieve one’s twenty five a day. The human female who appears to be responsible displays alarming levels of hyperactivity, but one must give credit where its due. Humans are also notoriously unreliable. Housebird Central will continue to momiter the situation and keep Members imformed.
    A. Tyweeter. President.



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