Vintage postcards #14 – Penhelig from a boat or Ynyslas

Penhelig, possibly 1923

Penhelig seen from Ynyslas in February 2019

It is almost peculiar how little has changed between these two dates, 1923 and 2019.  Immediately in front of the houses on the left the memorial park has been developed, a small shelter has been added, and there is now a sea wall in front of it, and the trees behind the houses seem to have grown and spread, but little else has changed.  The postcard was unsent.  It is another produced by “Gwilym Williams, Aberdovey” about whom I have been unable to find anything, but there is an additional piece of information on the picture side of the card – a series number:  88213 JV.  The initials JV usually stand for James Valentine, so perhaps Gwilym Williams occasionally worked as a local agent of Valentine’s.  According to the Valentine’s postcard dating page, this number falls in a series that date to 1923.

2 thoughts on “Vintage postcards #14 – Penhelig from a boat or Ynyslas

  1. William Byrnes

    Surprising how small boats take you backwards to lost worlds. Edwardian ladies sitting primly underneath an avalanch of summer clothing, with outrageous hats. Three men in a boat. My father powering through imaginary Atlantic waves with oars rotating like a paddle steamer, a sailor happy to be back upon the water. The sea, and by extensuon, any streach of water, used to be an unconsidered central part of British life.One more time, I’m not sure if your postcards are good for me. I love the birds though. B.



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