10 random thoughts since the lockdown

This is a bit of trivia, just random thoughts I’ve had since the lockdown came into effect on 23rd March.

  1. I have discovered on sunny days, when we all have doors and windows open, that I live four doors down from a professional drummer.
  2. Most people out for their daily permitted exercise find a woman with a pickaxe making huge holes in her driveway for the installation of parking posts both odd and unsettling.
  3. Unlike the blue tits and great tits, goldfinches look all wrong hanging upside down on a bird feeder.
  4. It was slightly disconcerting to hear on the radio that the inability of the BBC to shoot episodes of Eastenders is of serious concern to a large percentage of the UK population.
  5. Writing a book proposal is much easier to do if you have an enormous beanbag outdoors in the glorious heat.
  6. Edam is no substitute for a good, creamy Gouda, nothing is a substitute for Taleggio, and a sunny day salad without feta quite simply sucks.  Thank goodness for a local supply of Perl Wen.
  7. Working on a document in a giant beanbag is a wonderful thing, right up until your hayfever meds put you to sleep and you wake up feeling like a sun-dried tomato
  8. I never cared a toss about the Harry and Meghan Show, but was completely taken aback by their decision to announce, right in the middle of a global crisis involving thousands of deaths, that they are no longer talking to the tabloids.  A sense of perspective would go a long way.
  9. I miss my Dad, who is self-isolating
  10. We postponed my March birthday until after the lockdown, whenever that may be, so I’ve decided that, officially, I am still only 55 🙂

2 thoughts on “10 random thoughts since the lockdown

  1. Lisa French

    No 9 resonates with me Andie. I really enjoy reading your blog it makes me feel a little closer to the place I love the most. Take care stay safe and brace yourself for the crowds to flock down when this is finally over!!



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