Wild garlic

In response to a question about how wild garlic can be used:

Wild garlic before it has started to flower, with a few daffodils to keep it company.

Wild garlic is lovely stuff, a good garlic hit without being overwhelming. The illustrious parent grows his in a huge pot on the patio, but he dug it up from the local churchyard, which runs rampant with it, in return for a donation for the roof fund!   I actually have no idea if the bulbs are good to eat, because if you eat the bulbs, they won’t come up next year.  But if you just eat the leaves and the edible flowers and use the flower stems for stock, they are superb.  You can use the leaves raw in salads or wilt them to use as a vegetable, much like spinach.  You can throw handfuls into stews or use them as an ingredient for soup (doing that this evening).  So, yes, do grab a spade and go and retrieve some!  It is just about to go over, but if you plant it in a big pot (not in your garden, never in your garden, as it will take over), you will have it year after year if you leave a good set of leaves to feed the bulbs.  Like daffodils or hyacinths etc, if you cut all the leaves off they won’t get the sun they need to feed the bulb to produce flowers and leaves the following year.

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