Video: For absent visitors deprived of the sea at Aberdovey

A little video (four and a bit minutes), to bring back the sounds as well as the sights of the seaside at Aberdovey.  The crystal clear waters of the estuary and the sea peaceful under a clear blue sky on a very peaceful May day.  Whenever I was absent from Aberdovey for long periods, long before I moved here, it was the the sea that I most missed, so I put this together for regular visitors who may be missing it as much as I did.



4 thoughts on “Video: For absent visitors deprived of the sea at Aberdovey

  1. William Richards

    Really superb – one of the greatest beaches on earth. It’s a gem of a village with a superb micro-climate.

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful footage – I really miss the place and it will definately be my first port of call once the lockdown is lifted!

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  2. Andie Post author

    The beach is fabulous, and it changes all the time, so there’s always something new to see. I am really pleased that you like the video. Not sure that the micro-climate played to the advantage of residents this winter – never seen so much wind and rain!


    1. Pastor Cathy

      My family visited the beach in Texas America when I was a girl. We rode the tide in and out. Collected shells swam. The sounds of the waves on the shore is a sound a musician uses in their songs, cymbals and snare drum. Thanks for the c memory warmer.



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