Leaflet: The Submerged Forest at Borth

I found another batch of leaflets today during a sort-out, and will post some of them in the coming weeks in case they are of interest.  I’ve never seen the submerged forest at Borth, which needs a very low tide to see it properly, but it’s now firmly on my radar.  As well as previewing the leaflet in the images below, you can download it as a PDF by clicking here:  Submerged forest leaflet

1 thought on “Leaflet: The Submerged Forest at Borth

  1. williambyrnesbtinternetcom

    Some of your readers may be interested to know that the forest was drowned when the ice melted at the end of the last “ Devensian “ stage of the ice age, causing sea levels to rise, about 12,000 years ago. The valley of the Dovey and the other rivers flowing into Cardigan Bay were drowned at the same time. The sea moved up their channels creating wide sandy estuaries ,with convex profiled hills along their banks. At the same time as the sea level was rising the land was rising, as the weight of a colossal ice cap was lifted from it. As you go further north the rising of the land outweighs the rising of the sea, so that in Scotland , instead of drowned forests, you get raised beaches ,many meters

    above the present beach , complete with sand, shells and the occasional Scotsman. The “Devensian” is named after an entirely mythical Welsh tribe who were supposed to have lived in the region that the Welsh branch of the ice covered. Exploration of rock exposures in Wales played a crucial role in the foundation of geology, and the early geologists favoured naming the geological divisions of time by the names of the Welsh tribes who lived in the places where the defining rock sequences were found. The Devensians were invented much later. Geologists are admirably conscious of their heritage. W.B.



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