The Dyfi Osprey Project 2018

Searching for something else entirely I stumbled across the Dyfi Osprey Project’s Facebook page at  What an amazing find!  In the last few weeks there have been some glorious videos posted of a nest of ospreys, charting their progress.  The photographs below are just a tiny sample, but if you are on Facebook do take a look at the page so that you can see the videos.

The main website is also excellent, at, which gives full details about the scope of the project and its aims. The Project is run by Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust at their Cors Dyfi Reserve near Machynlleth.  The website says that a century ago ospreys in the UK were hunted to extinction. “Forty years later they began to make a come back and since then we have learnt a lot more about them by studying rather than shooting them. The more we learn about this amazing species the more tools we have in the tool box to help them recover from world wide declines.”  The website is all about how the Project is helping to achieve this, and the Facbook page tracks the life of one osprey family.  Really terrific.


These superb photographs are from the Dyfi Osprey Project’s Facebook page at

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