Videos: A round-up of some of the garden birds this week

Taking videos of birds has been an eye-opener.  They never stop.   There are all sorts of performances that surround eating, all of which look terribly energy consuming for such small creatures, which seems rather to defeat the object.  Some of it has to be concerned with keeping a look-out, but some of the moving around is difficult to explain.  The great tit video isn’t the best, but it’s the first time I’ve seen one this year, so is included for the sake of completeness.  The blue tit is a new and welcome addition.  They are all endlessly super to watch, and shocking time-wasters.

Lovely to see the robin enjoying himself in the bath on a regular basis, now that I have cleaned it and keep it stocked up with fresh water:

This morning he ruffled out all his feathers after a good old splash and sat in the sun, looking hopelessly untidy and somewhat squashed.





The female house sparrow has been working around the aggression of the robin, and has found plenty of opportunity to eat at the feeder, moving around between courses, and at one stage flying up and around the feeder:

The great tit was here only briefly, but was engaging whilst he was here.

I moved the big bird feeder with the anti-crow device onto the cherry tree, where it has been a hit.  Coal tits are the messiest feeders, with much of it going on to the ground, but I am spared having to wonder what to do about it by a pair of doves, which are picking up all the dropped seeds.  A newcomer this morning was a blue tit, a very welcome addition.  A blue tit taking the business of eating seed very seriously. There was a lot of beak work with whatever it was holding in its feet.



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