1 thought on “After the storm at Tywyn

  1. WGB

    From Housebird Central. To Aberdovey Chapter Members. Despite recent rainstorms and a sudden outbreak of black and whte photography, Aberdovey Chapter members seem to have emerged from November in reasonable order. This is in no small measure due to the continuing benificent activities of the hyperactive human female MA, Phd. Would that more of her species had a proper grasp of their responsibilities. As a footnote to our previous commentary on Security Matters, our United States correspondent, Bald Eagle, informs us that a delegation from the US Department of Immigration now seems improbable. Policy thinking sems to be shifting from simple barriers to machine guns and land mines.Though, apparently, in the case of Canada, that would be suject to negotiation. Such things are of course a matter for the individual nations and species involved. However, Housebird Central would respectfully point out that whereas no avion in her right mind would go with a mile of anything as noisey and smelly as a machine gun, land mines can be a considerale inconveinience to ground nesting species. Let us hope that reason prevails, though recent precedents are be no means promising. A Tyweeter. President.



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