Video: Winter walk on the beach

The best thing about living in Aberdovey is the ability to walk in some wonderful scenery.  I love the hills and and the rural walks in the summer, but the vast open beach has an energy all of its own, particularly at low tide on a sunny day in the winter and spring.  With the light casting sharp shadows and delineating wild patterns in the multi-textured sands and the gorgeous estuary waters feeding out into the waves there’s almost nowhere in the world that I would rather be.  Except, perhaps, the Sahara desert in the sun 🙂

4 thoughts on “Video: Winter walk on the beach

    1. Andie Post author

      I am so pleased! I moved here in August and it has been a super experience. You’ve moved at the most daunting time of the year, but there’s always something to see and do. I do hope you enjoy it.


  1. Lisa French

    Hi Andie
    I’ve only just seen this reply from over a year ago! I’m not the most media savvy person!
    We aren’t moving to Aberdovey permanently until January 2024 which seems forever away! Our house hopefully will be ready by Sumer this year though so we can have a few retirement taster breaks 😊
    You have featured Penhelig Terrace many times in your blog it’s lovely to see every time! Just counting down the days ….1454 to go….



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