3 thoughts on “Sun setting over the estuary this evening

  1. WGB

    Your photography is extraordinary. As you know I have been tramping around Aberdovey for many years and seen innumerable pictures. I have seen nothing which matches yours esthetically . or technically. In the first photo in this post you can read the geology. Aberdovey is an island of the Aberystwyth Series shale surrounded by hard massive Silurian mudstone.It is astonishing that you can actually follow fhe strata in your photo You can also see the layer of Devonian sandstone .There is plenty of Devonian sandstone further south but Aberdovey marks the northen limit of the Aberyswyth Series. In general the north is dominated by massive Silurian mudstone . Aberdovey is an island of the geology of the South . You can see all of this in your first photo. WGB.



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