A thin strip of cloud at floodplain level today on the way to Machynlleth

This is a poor photograph, taken through the side window of my car in a mad rush, whilst I was held up at the roadwork traffic lights on the Aberdovey to Machynlleth road, on my way to a dental appointment.  My closest friend Cheryll, to whom I emailed it, argues that I should post it in case no-one has been lucky enough to see this particular cloud formation.  So here it is, with the cloud in a thin strip hovering just above the floodplain on the opposite bank of the river Dfyi, with apologies for the poor quality.  I don’t know what this type of cloud formation is called (if anyone knows, please do let me know), but it happens around here quite often.  This, however, was the first time I have driven alongside it along the estuary and river all the way from Aberdovey to Machynlleth.  It was an amazing sight.  Every time I glimpsed right (south), it was still there in the 20 or so minute drive some time between 1120 and 1145.  So here’s the photo, and please remember to blame Cheryll if you don’t like it!  By the time I was driving back to Aberdovey it had evaporated completely.

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