Big Garden Birdwatch 2020 – my results

An hour in the garden between 1100 and 1200 for the Big Garden Birdwatch 2020 this morning produced the following bird count.  I do lure birds in with peanuts, mealworm and nyjer seeds, so the deck is stacked in my favour.  Not putting in an appearance during that hour were other visitors that I see most days including magpies, collared doves, great tits, wood pigeons and rarer visitors like coal tits (which were regular visitors last year but are few and far between this year), greenfinches and house sparrows.  There were six goldfinches on the feeder during the hour, but looking out of the window there are now nine of them all fighting for a position on a feeder that can handle a maximum of six.  The pheasants are tame and queue up outside the kitchen door to be fed peanuts.


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