Fabulous sand drifts travelling over the beach at Aberdovey

On my walk along the beach yesterday it was gloriously sunny, with cerulean blue skies and a sapphire sea, but it was very windy.  As I turned to walk back into Aberdovey having visited the pillbox, the wind lifted dry sand off the surface of the beach, carrying it in airborne rivulets that combined and recombined, forming wonderful shifting patterns at immense speed down the beach, north to south. The mutating patterns of millions of pale granules caught in the autumn sun were simply stunning, less sand drift than mass migration.  So far my attempts at video have been confined to birds on the garden feeders, and neither my video skills nor the video function on my little camera were really up to the job of capturing something so magnificent, but in these three very short videos I have given it my best shot.  The roaring sound is the wind:




2 thoughts on “Fabulous sand drifts travelling over the beach at Aberdovey

  1. William Byrnes

    I actually thought the videos excellent. Did you know that they come with a column of adverts down the

    right hand side and after a short run, the whole screen switches to ads. B.


    1. Andie Post author

      I haven’t seen the column of ads. I’ll try running the videos on my laptop and see what happens because nothing like that appears on my desktop. The ads that cover the whole screen appear when the video end, and they are recommendations for other YouTube videos. Mine show links to things like sailing and cooking videos, topics related to things I have watched recently. That doesn’t worry me – it’s the price of using a free service. Just press F5 to get rid of them (it refreshes the browser). But I’ll check out the column of ads, because that shouldn’t be happening from my blog.



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